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STRANDELS - Chance Of Rain - 3mn04...
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STRANDELS - Chance Of Rain - 3mn04 - 2576 KO
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Tova (21) and her brother Sixten (19) Strasberg Dell, a.k.a. STRANDELS are two young artists, musician and singer from Bromma, a borough in the western part of Stockholm (Sweden).
Because of their mother loading up on them much music already when they were tiny, they have sung and been involved in music for as long as they can remember. At that time -Broken Strings- by James Morrison was on repeat at home and inspired the siblings to work with harmonies. Then they have developed their own sound when they were around 11 and 13 years old. After their first gig, the siblings started singing together more frequently. About their music genres, they explains - We are broad in the way we listen, Tova is country nerd and Sixten popnörd - and to resume they sing and play country influenced pop music. They also dream to go to Nashville (USA) in the future to work there and write.

Their serious affair began when they started working with a producer that they got a real -wake-up- call and realised that making music was what they wanted to do. The collaboration lead to a record deal with TEN Music Group (Zara Larsson, Elliphant, Icona Pop, Erik Hassle) where they were signed as the duo -Strandels-. Since then, Tova and Sixten have been working in the studio with new music and have release their debut EP(5 tracks) titled -Chance Of Rain- on the beginning of November. This Swedish emerging indie folk duo has started to impact the music scene with their debut extended play -Chance of Rain- launched on 4 November via TEN Music Group.
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STRANDELS - Chance Of Rain - 3mn04 - 2576 KO
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