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NightFright Was # 1 on MetaJolt
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NightFright (10 months ago)
You all have great questions & answers I guess we should be happy & lucky that we have wenoo & vidbit . I just wished more people would come & be more interactive.
Traverso (10 months ago)
@Superbeo No, the person who designed MJ from the ground up although having answered a few support tickets never "ran" Zippcast nor designed any of it. I don't understand what your "rate wenoo" question means but either way I have no problem with Wenoo and think it's designed well and runs well and I have the right to be here or anywhere. As far as what you are "well happy" with has nothing to do with the video player facts. I was simply wading through your sarcastic reply to NF and supplying your answers you requested. And finally, although yes vStreamers had a couple features MJ didn't MJ also had a couple features vStreamers didn't but no lol, VS didn't "wipe the floor" with anything. It was a great site though that also unfortunately didn't last very long. Anyway, enough of this, my main reason for even responding at all to NF was simply to try and tell him to quit bragging as that's what it looked like in my opinion.
Superbeo (10 months ago)
And how long exactly did this legendary site exist for and what was so remarkable about it?
NightFright (10 months ago)
@Traverso all I did was copied the picture that MKrr4000 added on his channel on vidigosocial just to prove I was #1 what's the harm in subscribing to everybody no big deal & that's not the point same thing on vidbit everybody is subscribing to everybody if I like a channel I'm going to subscribe end of subject.
NightFright (10 months ago)
@Traverso well if you don't mind I will get some other viewers point of views from those that were they're .
Superbeo (10 months ago)
@Traverso Still the same clowns running metajolt minus Louis. If you don't rate wenoo why are you even here. I and most are well happy with the video here, and as for innovation, vstreamers wiped the floor with any alternatives.
August 22nd, 2016
On MetaJolt before they closed the doors I was # 1 Viewers here is the proof " Stay Creepy."
On MetaJolt before they closed the doors I was # 1 Viewers here is the proof " Stay Creepy."