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TALK TALK - Such A Shame - 8mn45 - 80741 Ko
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Frederyck (7 months ago)
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May 12th, 2015
TALK TALK were a musical group, coming from London (Uk)in the Synthpop, new wave (early), Art rock and...
TALK TALK were a musical group, coming from London (Uk)in the Synthpop, new wave (early), Art rock and post-rock (later) genres. Composed with Mark Hollis (Born 01/04/1955 - vocals/main songwriter), Lee Harris (drums), Paul Webb (bass guitar), and Simon Brenner (keyboards) they were active from 1981 to 1991. Generally associated with the New Romantic movement and they were very often compared with Duran Duran (name which was a single word repeated) and Roxy Music-inspired musical direction. They also shared the same record label (EMI) and producer (Colin Thurston).
Talk Talk achieved considerable international success in the years 1984-1985, particularly in continental Europe, with the album It's My Life. The accompanying single Such a Shame (a song inspired by the book The Dice Man) became a Top 5 hit in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland during this period. The group is also well knoiwn around the world with those hit singles as Today, Talk Talk, Dum Dum Girl, Life's What You Make It and Living in Another World. Talk Talk disbanded in 1992, A tribute album and anthological book, both titled Spirit of Talk Talk, was released in September 2012.
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