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Possible Earthquake In Southern California
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Kandace (2 months ago)
ooo booy. If it aint hurricanes its earthquakes, floods, fires, or tornadoes. Glad i don't live in CA. Too many liberals there anyway. haha
CrashZone2 (2 months ago)
@Kandace lol liberals are mostly in Melbourne Victoria in my country. It's why I don't go there. Shit place anyway
Kandace (2 months ago)
@CrashZone2 California has a petition to leave the US and form their own country. Too good to be true. It will never happen. They really should though, they have very little in common with the rest of the country. Its mostly fruits, nuts, and illegal aliens on free gov't benefits, which we Americans cannot get, but we pay for them to have. Then they hate us anyway and refuse to mix in.
March 11th, 2017
Here's a reason to get prepared and be ready to bug out.
Here's a reason to get prepared and be ready to bug out.