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Tarja Turunen. Into the Sun
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This is a response video to Tarja Turunen. Where Were You Last Night
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CrashZone2 (9 months ago)
My GOD that was awesome! Wow!!
FallingAwake (9 months ago)
@CrashZone2 I know Exactly what you mean. Shivers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sacred_Trickster (9 months ago)
She is really new to me, but I have loved everything I have heard so far. I see why you are such a big fan. Awesome!
FallingAwake (9 months ago)
@Sacred_Trickster I cant ask for more that that, when i bring something new, and others get why i love it.
Thanks Rob.
WildCard (9 months ago)
Tarja Turunen a beautiful women with the voice of an angel great upload Dave many stars coming your way mate ********************************
FallingAwake (9 months ago)
@WildCard I agree, she is Stunning in every way. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks mate. My best wishes.
cutiehabana (9 months ago)
ツ ღ ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)✿***Tarja's voice is extraordinary amazing...it is the heaven. All The STARS***********************for this Great Post. Added into my Faves. Thank you sweet bro for sharing:))xxx***
FallingAwake (9 months ago)
@cutiehabana I just melt every time i hear this. Well i do with most of her songs. big bro hugs xxx
July 27th, 2016
Act 1, Live in Argentina
Act 1, Live in Argentina
Tarja  Turunen  Into  the  Sun  act  1