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Shambala's Channel
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Joined:June 03, 2017
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This channel is made to my love

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I am passing this life,
and not always travel first class ...
Sometimes the journey to tire me,
I feel pain throughout the body.
sometimes the joy is contagious me.
Be the landscape in the window,
is the light of the day.
This life I want to try everything.
Pain and love, peace and turmoil, the light and the darkness.
I want to see and want to be guided,
I want to talk and want to hear,
feel and be felt, touch and be touched,
So , I’m a passenger, who learned :
That the best of this journey called life, from all corners,
detours, potholes and plains, is the journey itself,
is the charm of being able to wake up and renovated say:
Blessed be the creator of my history and life,
blessed life resumes now!

Shambala, Shambhala or Shamballa, is a mystical place mentioned in sacred texts and present in several traditions of the East. In Tibetan Buddhism, Shambhala is a hidden kingdom, within a subtler dimension than the third dimension, located between the Himalayan region and the Gobi Desert. It is also considered the capital of the Kingdom of Agartha, constituted, according to the cosmologies of Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism.
Shambala comes from Sanskrit which means "place of peace" or "place of silence".
It is considered to be the largest and most sumptuous Center of Spiritual Light on Earth. Millions of years ago, it was physically built on an island in the Gobi Sea. When in that place, where then a vast sea stretched, through planetary commutations, the desert developed, Shambhala was raised to subtle spheres.
They say that Shambala also has a form of access through the physical plane, but can only be penetrated by individuals whose conduct and karma allow it.

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About me:
This channel is made to my love,
my Little Warrior Bird Dudda
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