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From: PidoAndThePups124 | March 15, 2017 | 2 views
Pido: Here's a video of us singing Barnyard Bop B. Max: This is from the album Dance Party and it's the only one with this song Trilby: Yeah! You gotta love Pido's Elvis impression in this Raggs and Razzles: Enjoy!
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About me:
Pido: Stand Back, Brain Attack! I'm Pido. I'm the same age as Razzles, Trilby and B. Max and my favorite pastimes are surfing and cooking. I'm especially useful when dealing with problems because i tend to approach a solution from an unexpected direction. I'm the leader of the group "Pido & The Pups" and i'm also lead singer. Sometimes I sing solo.
B. Max: Hi, I'm B. Max! I might be in a wheelchair but i'm definitely an alpha dog. There’s no problem too big for me to overcome, no puzzle too tricky to solve and nothing that’s broken that can’t be fixed, rebuilt or repaired. I'm a driving creative force in the band and play saxophone, trumpet and guitar but i'm usually found thumping it out behind the keyboard.
Trilby: Hi, I'm Trilby! I'm the super sporty fashionista of the band. I love my music, fashion and sports all in equal measures. I'm a great enthusiast for life and it rubs off on my friends.
Razzles: Hi, I'm Razzles! I'm the go-growl-grrrl, the most logical, ordered and organized of the dogs. My lists of things to do around the clubhouse still leave plenty of time for my love of music and dancing, too.
Raggs: I'm Raggs! I'm the puppy of the pack. In human years i'm about 5, and the embodiment of the true puppy spirit. I'm curious, enthusiastic, eternally optimistic, always ready to throw myself 100% into whatever new game, challenge or adventure.
Country:United States
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