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From: NightFright | January 22, 2017 | 15 views
Horror Nation It's been awhile but I am back again been busy and had a real bad cold if you remember my last video I did a new desert try of the stuff which I got sick from and made a mess in my studio lol so it will take awhile to clean up so this is a uncut video just me and the TV lol . Take the time and watch my new video I have some dvd updates.I also have some horror trivia questions I hope you know some of them and like I say to all my horror viewers " Stay Creepy."
Name:Night Frighttalkshow
Channel Views:3,723
Total Upload Views:472
Joined:November 12, 2015
Horror Nation You have come to my Channel & My New Talk Show has come to your home. I do all Horror I do DVD Movie Reviews I do Horror Poems & If your smart enough to answer Movie Quiz Questions you will get to live Just kidding. Like I say to the Horror Nation & anybody who Follows me I say " Stay Creepy".

Horror Nation My good friend Dr SanGuinary from Creature Feature Has some great videos & I will upload some videos that he done enjoy & "Stay Creepy."

NightFright's Channels:

YouTube Channel NightFrightTalkShow

Wenoo Channel NightFrightTalkShow

NO !!!!! FUCKING TROLL'S On my channel I'm not here to play games. I respect people & their opinions but I have no time to be playing these games act your age not your IQ thank you.

I am 9 spots away from being #1 lets see what happens I moved 2 places within a week from my views .
About me:
Horror Nation Welcome to my channel I am NightFright I have two Talk Shows posted I do Movie Reviews & other Horror updates. I do poems & small skits & I do movie trivia so Horror Nation all is welcome & like I always say to my friends "Stay Creepy."
Movies and Shows:
Horror Movies old Classics New Horror Movies SC,FI Drama , Westerns,Comedy, I most of all enjoy watching The Walking Dead every Sunday on AMC .
Country:United States
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